Johnny Rapid appreciation blog. Worship him like he worships cock. NSFW and shit.

Hey hey fellow perverts!

Long time no nudes, eh? Eh?

I got an email today that JFR is one year old. Awh, our little naked baby boy is all growed up! [Tear] So here’s a dick pic for you guys, not Johnny’s dick, but a funnel cake dick. 


Lick it up bitches, and here’s to another year of 




Super hot blog bro! I could look at this twink all day.

Thanks for stopping by. I look at him quite a lot and it never gets old. 


I had a dream where I had a dick and got to fuck Johnny Rapid. It was the best dream I've ever had and I'm sad that I woke up from it. :'(

Rad dream. Anything involving Johnny and fucking is a WIN!


I think you're incorrect about Johnny doing bareback. I think he's done lots of bareback topping on bukkakeboys

We’ll call it a draw, sexy anon.

You are right about Johnny appearing in a few bukkakeboys videos, wrong however, about his doing actual bareback.  I’ve yet to view a BB video of him actually bareback fucking anyone. Blow jobs and cum shots are all I’ve managed to see from him there.

Thanks for the ask!


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